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Everyone should have access to education, job training, and employment opportunities that result in livable wages.




       As a young, single mother, Alberta's life was forever changed when while riding his bike home from football practice, her 9-year old son Tajzir was shot on the streets of Newark in broad daylight. Her son was robbed of his childhood and mobility because two adults were too angry to resolve their differences without guns. No child should ever have to lose their childhood, mobility, or life because of gun violence.

Alberta's family also experienced other tragedies because of inadequate healthcare access and services; the untimely passing of her sister-in-law who passed away due to complications from childbirth and her brother Delano, who succumbed to pancreatic cancer which was treatable but not detected early enough. Alberta will fight for quality healthcare for all so others don't have to experience what her family has gone through.

Today, Alberta owns a strategic consulting business, that consults with Fortune 500 companies nationally and is the proud mother of Tajzah, Zahriyah, and Tajzir. She co-founded Above The Rim, Inc. Newark and South Ward Concerned Citizens and is  an AmeriCorps alumni.

Hello, My name is Alberta Gordon.

I am a proud mother, small business owner, and community activist.

I proudly declare that I am a Democrat running for Congress in New Jersey’s 10th Congressional District Special Election on July 16th.

I am running because we need someone who represents us, and who will fight for us. Like many others in the 10th District, my family has endured violent crime, a woefully inadequate healthcare system, and a government that leaves us behind when we are just trying to get ahead. I have been here fighting, but in Congress, I know I can do so much more to help everyone in our communities.

  Fair Healthcare Access For All

No family should experience poor healthcare outcomes due to an inadequate healthcare system: Alberta and her family understands this all too well. Unfettered access to high-quality healthcare is a right and not a privilege: a right to choose and bodily autonomy are non-negotiable principles Alberta will never surrender on.

Decrease Gun Violence and Crime

When there are too many guns on our streets, and not enough employment opportunities, we continue to fail our families and communities. I will fight for stronger gun control measures, and address violence at its root in our communities. We must increase job opportunities for our youth and work to stop the school-to-prison pipeline.

Making Technology & Innovation Work for Us

     Alberta is the only candidate with the experience to help keep America at the forefront of innovation, while fighting for our rights to data privacy and addressing the impacts of Artificial Intelligence on workers.

Working Families

As a single mom of three, Alberta understands the challenges  of working families. Daily, families are forced to make tough choices between necessities such as food, clothing, housing costs, and care for their children. This dynamic needs to change. Alberta will fight for more affordable housing, jobs which pay a real living wage, and work towards an America we don't have to choose between working a job and taking care of our families.

What I Am Fighting For

Economic Development

 Everyone should have access to education, job training, and employment opportunities that result in livable wages. We must also make sure that these opportunities are available to ALL residents.


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